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3 Top Tips To Drive Conversions On Social Media


Getting social media conversions – let’s face it, is the reason (aside from brand awareness) that most businesses use social. You want results!

Many businesses have a basic understanding of how social media works and have been publishing on Facebook or Twitter or other popular networks for some time now and possibly have built up a good number of followers along the way. Over time engagement increases and more people get involved with the content – but are social media conversions taking place?

Social media is an extremely effective tool to increase social media conversions but understanding and knowing how to use it strategically is essential.

So what measures can you put in place to drive conversions? Here’s our top three tips…

Use eye-catching visuals

You could have the best content in the world but if the image or visual that lands in your audiences feeds is not enticing or attractive, your content will not be seen. Getting people to notice your content is the first hurdle and overcoming that could shed a whole new light to your reader and using the right image, GIF or video could make all the difference.

Be consistent in your images and use of colour. If you stick to a certain brand colour for certain types of content, your audience will get to know what they are seeing. This will help when users are looking for your next piece of content, as they’ll be accustomed to your brand design or colours and this will provid instant recognisability.

Have you tried using a GIF or moving image? These are great and we REALLY love them! Originally introduced way back in 1987 they have become the internet’s most beloved image format to easily express themselves in today’s digital world. They can be used for many aspects of your marketing; promoting a product or event, to showcase your personality, to increase audience retention, to tell a story or to involve your audience. This type of content is leading the way in social media at the moment and we highly recommend that you use them if you’ve not yet tried them.

Write clear content

Getting your point across quickly is vital in an ever-changing, noisy, digital world. If someone doesn’t understand your content or can’t get through it quickly enough, they will move on to the next best thing. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your reader which means that what you write needs to be crisp and clear.

Replace jargon with easy to understand and precise words or sentences. Simplify your content and shorten where you can. Just because you are aware of the technical terms for things, doesn’t necessarily mean that your users will too!

Writing good content for social media is a priority in order to grab the attention of your audience – learning how to write well will give you a great advantage over your competition who may perhaps lack this sense of importance.

Proofreading and editing your content more than once will ensure that it reads well and eliminates the chance of error or inconsistencies. It’s always worth asking another person to read your content through to give you a chance of spotting any mistakes. In order to stay at top of the game and become an industry leader, your content needs to perfect – incorrect copy can often lead to readers not believing in you or your services!

drive conversions on social media

Boost your top performing content

If you have posts that are performing well organically, why not put some money behind them and boost them even further? This will reach out to a wider audience using content that you know is already performing well. If you have more than one post that is performing well, split out your budget to incorporate both or all of them and see which ones gain the best traction. Don’t forget to set a budget as it can very easy to let you promotions go on without realising.

If you’re promoting on Facebook, you can set different objectives that you want to achieve from your paid posts. If you’ve already had your posts gaining responses organically, Facebook’s ad algorithms will start to amplify your organic content and your paid content. Keep your ads or promotions live for a few days and then pause and then if you have the budget, create a different ad set and promote for a few days and then pause. This is called split testing and will allow you to see which types of promotions work best for your audience. It will also help in the creation of new posts, in deciding what to create next and how you’re going to target it.

And there you have it – these are our favourite 3 top tips to help boost your social media conversions! If you’re looking to reach out to a wider audience and need an agency to give you direction or help you in the process, we’d love to talk with you. Feel free to get in touch and let’s make your social marketing skyrocket!