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We all need a little boost of positivity in our lives, especially at the moment while we’re constantly surrounded by the strains of the pandemic. So we’re combating all the negative stories out there and picking out five quick-fire uplifting news stories to emerge amidst the latest lockdown to bring you some light relief. ☺️

Thortful Launches Initiative to Create & Send Valentine’s Cards to the NHS

Greeting cards company thortful, in partnership with One Minute Briefs, has launched a heartfelt initiative to send some love to the NHS this Valentine’s Day. The card marketplace is asking people to create their very own Valentine’s cards this year, which are then produced by thortful and sent directly to hospitals, whilst simultaneously raising money for the NHS and mental health charities. ❤️

Thortful said: “We want to show our support and love for all of the NHS staff working so hard throughout the pandemic and, with the distressing news this week that mental health is deteriorating amongst frontline NHS workers, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate how much we love them.”

Cartoonist Charlie Mackesy’s Drawings Inspire Hope Across UK

Artist and author of The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, Charlie Mackesy’s inspirational drawings have been bringing a sense of hope to hospitals, homes and schools across the UK. The cartoonist, whose ‘Love Wins’ T-shirts raised over £2million for Comic Relief this year, said to the BBC: ‘I’m just a strange person scribbling away in the corner of the room. If you can just contribute to that drop of salt you’re putting in the soup of someone’s thinking, it’s a really moving thing for me.’

We love this! Check out more of his thought provoking work on his Instagram.

Ocean Bottle Collects Over 1,000,000kg of Ocean-Bound Plastic

The team behind the award-winning Ocean Bottle, which removes 1,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles with every sale, has announced the collection of over 1,000,000kg of plastic since its beginnings – the equivalent of seven blue wales in weight. The brand, whose commitment to stopping ocean plastic has garnered a number of sustainability and business awards, is hoping to have collected an incredible 80million kgs by 2025.

A massive   from us!…


Buchanan Studio Paints London with Series of Uplifting Messages

Following such a tumultuous year in 2020, creative designers at Buchanan Studio have been bringing joy to the capital with a series of uplifting ‘reverse graffiti’ messages dotted around 20 London locations. From ‘Keep Going, You’ve Got This’ to ‘Let’s All Go Dancing In 2021’, the inspiring messages reflect on what was inevitably a difficult year, with the aim of boosting morale and inciting feelings of merriment into 2021.


And just to make you smile…

Geologist Finds Rare Formation Inside Rock That Looks Exactly Like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street

When geologists go on research trips, they’re normally looking to observe specific rocks, minerals, and fossils. What this Californian scientist wasn’t expecting was to open up a volcanic rock in Brazil—only to find an uncanny resemblance of the Cookie Monster.

From the outside, the rock looks pretty ordinary–it’s plain brown, and shaped like an egg.


On the inside? It’s a glorious cream and blue. And it looks just about ready to growl “om nom nom nom nom” at the world.


Turns out—while many are looking to buy, say, the perfect rose quartz to meditate with—there’s also a market of people who feel a Sesame Street-themed piece of agate rock is just the thing they need in their lives.

Bowers has received offers over $10,000 for the rock so far.

He spoke to the Daily Mail about his surprise on finding such a perfect rendition of a much-loved character: “This is very unusual! There are a few famous agates out there: the owl, the scared face…  there are many approximate ones, but it’s rare to find clear well-defined like that.”


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