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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020


International Women’s Day (IWD) is an annual celebration of the achievements of women worldwide. This year’s theme is #EachforEqual – a campaign calling on everyone to help to create a gender equal world across government, sport and the workplace.

We’ve come a long way since the Equal Pay Act, introduced in 1970 to guarantee equal pay for women. According to research by Catalyst in 2019, 87% of global businesses have at least one woman in a senior management role and 29% of all senior management roles are held by women – this is the highest number ever on record!

We’ve also seen record levels of new businesses created and founded by women. A report last year from The Female Founders Forum highlighted that between 2013 – 2016 there was a 45% increase in the number of women setting up companies. The report also mentions that one in five businesses is now created by a woman and of the 6,147 investment deals made in 2019, 17.9% went to companies with at least one female founder.

South Coast Social - International Women's Day 2020

Here at SCS, 100% of our Senior Management Team are female… including our founder! We asked them how they feel about this, and what they like about being in a management role…

Clare, Founder and Director:

“Happy International Women’s Day! I’m so proud of our team at South Coast Social (made up of 83% women!) and the amazing women who have helped me, inspired me and supported me along the journey! I’m also proud to work with so many amazing female led businesses as clients. Who run the world…?”

Amy, Head of Brand: 
“I love being part of the Senior Team – we thrive off each other, work closely together and have a great relationship!”
Christina, Head of Social Strategy:
“Working in the Senior Team is massively rewarding and it’s great to have the support and trust from the rest of the members!”