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Estelle Visits Meta Boost: Good Ideas Studios In Manchester


If there’s one thing we know about social media here at SCS, it’s that we can never know enough. With social media changing and developing at a rapid rate on a daily basis, it’s important that our staff are on the ball at all times. This week, our Senior Content Strategist Estelle, headed to Manchester to attend the Meta Boost: Good Ideas Studio. Here’s how she got on…


“…Well, what a day that was! The Meta Boost Good Ideas Studio is an in-person digital skills training event filled with expert talks and networking to help grow small businesses on Facebook and Instagram.

From listening to 25 year old Founder & CEO of Shreddy & TALA, Grace Beverly, discuss the importance of social listening, to Mob’s Head of Content, Jake Gauntlet, covering how crucial brand partnerships can be to your online growth – the first day of the Good Ideas Studios event in Manchester was a roaring (and educational) success.

Not only were there the big names we recognise from Instagram and LinkedIn, we also heard from Meta’s very own creative professionals offering a wealth of knowledge on all Meta platforms.

Located in the Science & Industry Museum, the event took place across a whole floor of the warehouse offering a networking space, stage and seating, interactive area to experiment with VR and create Reels (more on that later…) as well as enough drinks and confectionery to feed a small army.

The day kicked off with none other than serial entrepreneur Grace Beverly, discussing how she went from a fitness Youtuber whilst at university, to pitching for funding and securing a £5.7M investment for her sustainable activewear brand, TALA. In her fireside chat, Grace highlighted the importance of social listening and creating a community on social media – no matter what size your business is. Listening to the customer is the best way to understand consumer behaviour – whether you’re offering a service or a product – and social media is the perfect tool for this. By creating an online community, you can engage with your followers in a simple swipe of your fingers. Their feedback will be the most valuable tool, so make sure you use it! (Market research on this level previously could have cost you a pretty penny a few years ago, so having it at the tip of your fingers is a huge asset.)

The tastiest treat of the day? MOB’s Head of Content, of course! Now if you’re anything like me, you’re able to get lost in a sea of the mouth watering recipe Reels that MOB post. Well, Jake Gauntlet taught us their magic 3 content factors. Each post must be one of the following: entertaining, intriguing or educational. The next step is to figure out how that post can cover the other two factors. To entertain, intrigue and educate are fantastic pillars for your content – the aim is to not “sell”, and instead add value to your content. 

Jake also went on to explain the relevance of successful brand partnerships in the current digital age; a mutually beneficial surefire way to online success. Finding a brand that aligns with yours, but has a slightly different audience that you can tap into is a great way to get ahead of the curve. Whilst it’s important to engage and nurture your current audience, it’s always good to be considering who your potential audience is too.

We were also treated to workshops by Meta professionals covering tips and tricks to create share worthy Reels (make them entertaining, digestible and relatable), as well as how to create the perfect ad for conversions (it’s alllll in the visuals). 

The interactive area offered a chance to explore Meta’s VR headsets in the #MetaQuest, as well as 3 separate stands equipped with props and features to help you create your very own Reel. Meta experts were on hand every step of the way, to offer advice and expertise on what works best, and how to (almost) beat the algorithm. Any questions were answered by the professionals at the Meta Boost Bar – think of them as Apple Genius’, but for social media!

Whilst Manchester was the last stop on the tour for this event, Meta Boost are planning to host more in-person workshops and panels throughout 2023, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out…”