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Improve Your Visuals With Instagram Tools


Are you looking to improve your visuals? Especially for your Instagram stories? Instagram stories official usage statistics indicate that over 500 million Instagrammers use stories daily, so it’s important to ensure they are looking as eye-catching as possible.

Facebook have recently provided a useful set of simple visual creation tips to help brands stand out online. The tips, from Shahnaz Ahmed of Facebook’s ‘Creative Shop’, were originally presented as part of Facebook’s Boost My Business show on Facebook Watch, but Facebook has also now broken out the specific elements into new micro-overview clips. There are lots of useful videos to watch including the below tips on creating the best possible Instagram visuals…

Let’s re-cap the key points:

  • Using a tripod and a ring light (or natural light) will give your photos a professional look
  • Adding a prop or two that enhances the photo will bring your brand to life
  • Shooting from different angles can help create a compelling image
  • Using Instagram filters or editing tools to adjust the colours and tones can help make your photo bloom while still looking natural
  • Adding one or two GIFs can enhance your final image and easily add motion
  • Keep your copy short and include a call to action to boost engagement

These are some great tips which will help improve your visual presentation and catch your audience’s attention. Of course creativity is not always simple sometimes, as what you think looks great may not always work as well for your audience, but remember that through experimentation and using the right techniques, you’ll get closer to finding a visual approach that works for your needs.

So get creating!

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