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Instagram Shares Their Top Tips on Effective Influencer Marketing


Are you looking to tap into the power of influencer marketing to maximise your social media marketing efforts?

Influencer partnerships can have a huge impact on campaign success, especially on more creative and visual platforms, as understanding the ins and outs of each and what will resonate with fans, is what these influencers work on around the clock.

The right collaboration could give your brand a major boost – and if you are looking to get started with influencer marketing, Instagram recently shared some tips to help.

Jules Lund is the founder of Tribe, an online marketplace for branded content, which aims to connect brands with the right influencers for their social efforts. Tribe has facilitated the creation of over one million pieces of branded content across 10,000 campaigns and the company works with brands in the US, UK and Australia.

Based on these learnings, Lund has recently offered three key tips for your influencer marketing approach.

1. Tap into Customer Creativity

Lund advises that brands should look to utilise UGC and influencer content through their campaigns to boost engagement and brand resonance. With so many people already posting content online, giving them a prompt to work with can be all it takes to get powerful, valuable branded material for your promotional efforts.

Lund says that “When content is authentic, from real people, it performs – because who better to create content that customers love, than customers themselves”

2. Find Happy Customers and Share Their Stories

Lund also advises that brands should celebrate their happy customers, by using their stories to better connect and communicate about their business.

Lund says that brands should capture these stories, then pay to turn them into promotions.

“I’d pay to share that story. So, I’d turn their content into a social ad from a brand account and then I’d turn their content into a branded content ad from the creator’s account, and then I’d compare the two. I’d be using small amounts to test and learn from different audiences, different formats, different objectives and when I found winners, I’d cut the rest and supercharge those.”

Experimentation with brand messaging like this can help to determine the best way forward for your strategy, while again, using the experience of real people can help to boost your brand presence on social platforms.

3. Use Branded Content Ads

Lund’s final key tip is to utilise Facebook’s branded content ads to maximise that more personal, connective messaging.

Lund says that he thinks that “Facebook and Instagram’s branded content ad is potentially the most effective ad format we’ve seen”, because it combines the improved resonance of influencer posts with the platform’s ad targeting tools, giving you the authenticity of those more personal messages, with the focus of ads.

You can also add a CTA to these posts, making them more responsive, so you get the added credibility of the message coming from a person, as opposed to a brand handle, and the capacity to focus that messaging onto the most receptive audiences.

These are some good notes, and given the experiences of Tribe, Lund’s advice is backed by many promotions and experiences, adding credibility to his tips.

We would suggest considering these tips in your approach.


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