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Meet the Team – Donatella Butt, Social Media Manager


Meet Donatella, our new Social Media Manager and the latest addition to join the South Coast Social team.

Read up below about what her first show was, what celebrities she would invite to a dinner party and what it means to her to join SCS, as she settles into life as our new Social Media Manager.

Donatella Butt – Social Media Manager


Go to takeaway? Pizza!
Favourite band/artist? Harry Styles
Do you have any pets? I have a dog called Joey, who we named after Joey Tribiani from Friends. How you doin…
What was the first gig/show you went to? My first show I saw was Wicked in the west end! LOVED IT! 
Three famous people you’d invite to a dinner party? Jennifer Hudson, just so I can hear her amazing voice in person. Barbra Streisand because my mum and I have always been huge fans and Harry Styles because… he’s Harry Styles.
Dream holiday? New York, New York!
What are you currently reading/what series are you currently watching? I’m currently reading ‘Working Hard or Hardly Working’ by Grace Beverley. It has some really great tips to being more productive at work and I’m currently watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ for all the cosy autumn vibes. 
Favourite social media accounts/bloggers? I absolutely love the Instagram home account Peachy Parrot, and I love watching Emily Canham on YouTube
If you weren’t a Social Media Manager, what would you be?I like to think I’d be on stage, I love the theatre.
Tell us a random fact about you – I have size 2 feet…
How do you feel about joining South Coast Social? I’m so excited to be joining the SCS family and I’m looking forward to growing and developing my social media skills. 
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