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Meet the Team – Lucy Fascione, Social Media Apprentice


Meet Lucy, our new Social Media Apprentice and the latest addition to join the South Coast Social team.

Read up below about what’s at the top of her bucket list, what she gets up to in her spare time and what it means to her to join SCS, as she settles into life as our new Social Media Apprentice.

Lucy Fascione – Social Media Apprentice

Go to takeaway? Taco Bell all day any day!!!
Favourite band/artist? COIN
Last film or series you watched and loved? Hush – it’s a horror/thriller movie and it always impresses me no matter how many times I watch it
What was the first gig you went to? Lady Winwoods Maggots in Christchurch – I was only about 8 but my mum loves gigs so she took me with her
Three famous people you’d invite to a dinner party? Harry Styles (an icon for both the music and fashion industry. From his views on politics to his opinions on today’s society, to have a conservation with him would be the best thing). Gordon Ramsey (a man of food…literally! I’d mainly have him at the dinner just to cook. Well, cook and to tell us some of his stories.) and Bailey Sarian (an empowering woman. Her rapid growth on YouTube has really pushed out true crime and murder mysteries. I find her inspiring and would just want to thank her for sharing cold cases that need to be reopened or require more attention.)
Dream holiday? Hawaii
What’s at the top of your bucket list? To get a tattoo of a frog with a cowboy hat with my bestfriend. Even if we fall out I will always remember the best of times i have had with him.

Favourite social media accounts/bloggers? @_gemmalouisemills and @megshowell – Gemma’s content is perfect from my more cosy/lazy days. She always motivates me to do house chores and plan/organise my life better. She makes the BEST autumn and winter content . Her YouTube channel is also extremely inspiring. She seems like such a genuine and honest person, which I love about her.

Megan’s content is just motivation in an Instagram account. She makes me want to live my life. Her content isn’t perfect, it’s real. She shares all of her emotions, how she has to work a full time job to pay her bills like everyone else but she also shares the best days of her life. Meg also lives in Hawaii – my favourite place on earth. So, seeing photos of the Hawaiian landscape and culture always puts a smile on my face.
What’s your number one escapism? Horse riding has to be my number 1 escapism. Nothing beats a trek out in the forest with the most beautiful animals. There’s something about cantering pasts all the trees, feeling the wind in my hair. Maybe, I’ll even pop a small jump over a fallen tree. Or, I’ll just take it easy with my horse and let them choose what to do. Even if she throws an excited buck, it’s the perfect time to get away from all the stresses of the world.
Tell us a random fact about you… I built my own PC from scratch and I love gaming
How do you feel about joining South Coast Social? Very very happy. I couldn’t wait to become a part of the team. Everyone here is so lovely and welcoming. I’m so happy to be here.
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