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Terrifyingly Terrific Tips to Spook Up Your Halloween Socials


Halloween is only a week away, and if you’re yet to plan your Halloween social media campaigns, fear not (ok fear a little). We’ve got your back with some of the best Halloween social media marketing ideas. Here are 10 of our Halloween content ideas that’ll ensure your brand stands out in a crowd of ghosts and zombies.

Spine-chilling throwbacks

If you’re short for time – why not dig into your archives and share throwback photos from past Halloween events or campaigns. Encourage your followers to do the same and use a unique hashtag like #SpookyThrowback.

Halloween costume contest

A nice and easy go to is to run a Halloween costume contest in your office or encourage others to do the same. Ask followers to post their best outfits using your brand hashtag, e.g., #BrandNameHalloween and share your staff in their spooky outfits. Reward the most creative or most liked outfit who share your hashtag by sharing them on your stories.

Pumpkin carving challenge

Encourage your followers to showcase their carving skills! The best Halloween social media post ideas are those that actively involve your audience, so why not a pumpkin carving competition? Share your own pumpkin masterpieces and use a hashtag #PumpkinMasterpiece – if you’re particularly a pumpkin carving pro, why not attempt to carve your company logo into a pumpkin? Now that would be Ghoul!

Behind-the-scenes glimpses ️

Take your followers behind the scenes of your Halloween preparations. Whether it’s decorating your office or making Halloween-themed products, people love an insider view and might feel inspired by your inspiration!…

Spooky polls and quizzes ‍♀️

Engage your audience with Halloween-themed polls. Questions like “Which Halloween candy is the best?” or quizzes like “Which Halloween character are you?” are interactive Halloween social media ideas. See our recent LinkedIn poll here as we asked our followers what they thought the greatest horror movie of all time was…

Ghostly tales

Share a ghost story every night leading up to Halloween. Engage your audience further by asking them for their own spooky tales and experiences, creating a chain of chilling narratives.

Product or service spotlight with a twist ️

If you sell products, showcase them in a Halloween-themed setting. A product spotlight can be one of your Halloween social posts, featuring them amidst cobwebs, or even demonstrating their ‘haunted’ versions.

Halloween Reels ☠️

Have some fun with making a Halloween themed Reel or TikTok. Buy some cheap props from a local pound store and enjoy being silly! Here’s one we made last year…

Countdowns and teasers ️

Build excitement with countdowns to special Halloween events, product launches, or sales. Tease your audience with what’s to come, and they’ll be hooked waiting for your next Halloween social media post ideas.

Special deals for the spooky season ️

Announce Halloween special offers or discount codes. Use catchy captions like, “No tricks, just treats! (ok maybe this one’s been overused, but you know what we mean!) Get 20% off with code SPOOKY20.”

Remember, the key to successful Halloween social media campaigns lies in engagement and creativity. The more you involve and excite your audience, the better your reach and results will be. With these Halloween content ideas, your brand is sure to make a spine-chilling impression.