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Watch Out For These Social Media Trends In 2023


2023 is nearly here, meaning it’s time to turn our attention to what is upcoming for the year ahead, and all the new updates to the world of social media it will bring. From new platforms to added features, that have a laser focus on authentic and multi-sensory content, things are about to feel real (even in the virtual world) as consumers push for authenticity, community, and immersive experiences.

We all know how quickly the social world changes, so we’re here to keep ahead of the game or in this case the year. We’re breaking down six of the most exciting social media trends so read on for everything you’ll need to know for the year ahead.

A Boom in Social Audio

Social media platforms are driving more towards video-based content, and thanks to audio trends, the role of audio in social media is rapidly changing.

Facebook has soundbite reactions tools, Twitter has voice tweets and Twitter Spaces, and LinkedIn has Audio Events. It’s time to create a social media strategy that harnesses the power of social audio in 2022 with a 2023 twist.

Jump into the Metaverse and experiment with audio marketing for your brand. Don’t know where to start? Upgrade your Instagram Reels strategy with a trending audio to ensure a higher engagement and a broader reach.

Gaming is the new social media playground

While social media platforms are tried and tested advertising platforms, gaming offers a stack of exciting new opportunities for brands and businesses in 2023. And a number of tech companies and brands are doubling down on their investment in gaming, too.

Netflix is set to expand its reach, building its first in-house video game studio in Helsinki and they have already added interactive content on the streaming service, such as Triviaverse. Plus luxury fashion houses continue to use gaming as a means of community engagement and to bridge the gap between virtual reality and the IRL.

The gaming industry is set to be worth in the region of $200.8bn, with in-game advertising estimated to reach $17.6 million by 2023. This is a world that thrives on social interaction, and has remained relatively untapped when it comes to marketing. Could 2023 be the year your brand dabbles in the power of gaming?

Content goes full-screen


While TikTok’s astronomic boom is nothing new, its influence on the way other social media platforms operate will continue. Expect to see more 9:16 (that’s full-screen vertical) content on your feed.

While it’s no surprise that Instagram followed TikTok’s lead on this one, now so have YouTube and Facebook. On Facebook vertical video has a 90% higher completion rate than horizontal videos and YouTube is trialling a new feature that reformats video ads into vertical playback.

As more platforms support this aspect ratio, the same content can be repurposed for an extended reach. Making the switch will give you more bang for your buck. Hopefully this will reduce the need to resize content for each platform, fingers crossed.

The Rise of the Nano-Influencer and UGC

Influencers have grown and grown throughout the years and the rise of the nano-influencer (those with less than 10k followers) and user-generated content (UGC) is not slowing down.

In fact, nano-influencers already make up 90% of successful influencer marketing campaigns. Seen as more credible, they connect your brand with niche audiences, giving direct access to your target market. It also means that you don’t have to spend a tonne of money on one campaign.

User-generated content is also becoming a must-have. This organic marketing tool creates a direct connection with real consumers that cultivates strong brand-customer relationships which helps to boost a sense of credibility.

Take things one step further in 2023 by crafting dedicated UGC campaigns that inspire and reward your customers for creating content about your brand.

Social commerce on the rise

Go where your customers are, or better yet get there first and set up a shop. That’s what Facebook and Instagram had in mind anyway as they were the first platforms to offer social commerce options. With the gradual switch to online shopping, you can be sure that the Facebook Shop and Instagram Storefront will become one of the most used features on their respective platforms if they are not already.

Modern buyers are more informed than ever before. They are researching your brand and offering thoroughly, making this have great potential. Convenience is important these days for potential customers and 54% use social media to research products, making it no surprise why this is on the rise. How your brand is represented, including customer interaction and reviews helps them to make an informed decision and purchase quicker.

Ready to supercharge your success on social media in 2023? Contact us and allow us to help.