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Last week the SCS Team headed back to TikTok HQ for their Growth With TikTok Event.

We came away with some great insights that we just have to share. 

TikTok is absolutely buzzing, and our visit confirmed why it’s such a hot spot for brands right now. Let’s dive into the juicy details!

TikTok’s Magic Number: 90+ Minutes Daily

Can you believe it? The average TikTok user spends over 90 minutes a day on the app. That’s a lot of scrolling, swiping, and double-tapping! This just shows how addictive TikTok is and how engaged its users are.

Why This Matters for Brands:

  • Tons of Opportunities: More time on the app means more chances for your content to get seen.
  • Build Relationships: You have a real shot at creating a bond with your audience because they’re hanging out on TikTok so much.
  • Creative Freedom: With users glued to their screens, there’s room to get creative with your content and try new things.

TikTok’s Unique Crowd: Half Aren’t on Instagram

50% of TikTok users aren’t on Instagram. Yes, you read that right!  This means TikTok has a unique audience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Why This Matters for Brands:

  • New Faces: TikTok can introduce your brand to people who haven’t seen you on other platforms.
  • Custom Strategies: Knowing this, you can tailor your content specifically for TikTok’s audience.
  • Spread the Love: Don’t put all your social media eggs in one basket. TikTok lets you reach a whole new crowd.

Creating for TikTok: Our Go-To Pillars

While at TikTok HQ, we picked up some key tips for making content:

 Here are the creative codes::

  1. Go Native
    • Blend In: Use TikTok’s native elements like music, transitions, text, emojis, and movements to make your content feel like it belongs.
    • Example: Throw in some popular TikTok sounds or trendy transitions to make your videos pop.
  2. Structure
    • Hook ‘Em Fast: Grab attention in the first 3 seconds.
    • Deliver Your Message: Use text on the screen or voiceovers to get your main points across.
    • End with a Bang: Finish with a clear call-to-action, like “link in bio” or “follow for more.”
  3. Sound as a Storyboard
    • Set the Scene: Let the sound guide your transitions and the flow of your story.
    • Keep it Dynamic: Use music and sound effects to keep things interesting.
  4. Trends
    • Jump on Trends: Keep an eye on what’s trending and hop on those hooks, sounds, and templates quickly.
    • Stay Relevant: This keeps your content fresh and engaging.
  5. Produce with TikTok in Mind
    • Think Portrait: Always shoot in portrait mode.
    • Be Aware: Know what works on TikTok – short, snappy, and fun!

Our trip to TikTok HQ was super insightful. We’re more inspired than ever about what TikTok can do for brands. With users spending so much time on the app and a unique audience waiting to be discovered, it’s the place for creative marketing.

Ready to take your TikTok game to the next level? Contact us and let’s make some TikToks that trend! 🎵📱✨