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3 Great Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Collections


If you’re looking for ways people can remember your brand and engage with you far after the time of seeing your posts, then utilising the Instagram Collections feature is a good place to start.

Wondering if YOU should be using it? We think the answer is YES! Even though the feature hasn’t had much hype in the past, it’s still a great feature to be able to reach potential clients.

How to use Instagram Collections

Go to your profile view and using the settings icon (three dots on the right hand side) you can locate the ‘saved’ section.

From here you will see an ‘All’ and a ‘Collections’ section. This is where any of your saved posts will end up.

Going back to your Instagram feed, when you have found an image that you would like to save, press and hold the bookmark icon, which will give you an option to save or create a new collection.


Instagram Collections


You can create as many collections as you wish with as many images as you would like and they will all be kept in the same place ready for when you want to view them again. Perfect for selecting your favourite recipes, holiday destinations or fashion icon + much, much more!

How to use Instagram Collections for business:

Brand mentions

A great place to start is to make a collection for posts that mention your brand. If your brand is recognised by followers using a hashtag, even better! You can simply search for any post that mentions your name and add each post to your collection.

This will give you a central place to see who is engaging with your brand and who is talking about your business. Are they liking what they see? Are they giving good feedback?

With a bank of new stock, you can then reshare this content to keep the momentum going and a chance for more people to hear about your brand.

It can be inspiring to hear what people are saying about your brand whilst beneficial as it will help you what is not working too, giving you the opportunity to change things if needs be.

Competitor analysis

Set up a collection to monitor what your competitors are doing. This can not only give you inspiration and ideas but it will let you know what works for your audience and what content they like to see to enable you to produce posts that compare – and of course are better!

Be sure not copy what your competitors are doing but if you are following some great brands that have amazing content, it will give you inspiration to create similar posts.


Another way to use Instagram Collections for your business would be to set up a collection for other brands that you love the content of or that you admire, within your niche. You now have a starting point of brands that you can reach out to, to see if you can collaborate or work with them in the future.

Collaborating on Instagram is a great way to build a community and to support other businesses. Instagram of course is a ‘social’ account and connecting and engaging with others is part of the course. Using it for your business just takes it one step further.

If you’d like to explore more the power of Instagram within your social media marketing strategy, be sure to get in touch so we can help!