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3 of the Latest Key Social Media Updates (Jan 24)

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Social media is forever changing which makes it easy to miss an update from time to time. Twice a month, we look into three of the latest key updates from the past few weeks from the various social media giants. Here’s what’s been happening recently…

Users to Soon Be Able to Separate Their Instagram and Facebook Accounts

With Europe’s data privacy protecting Digital Markets Act (DMA) set to come into effect in March, Meta has this week announced some additional data control options for EU users, which will enable them to completely separate their Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger presences, if they choose to do so.

First off, EU users will soon be able to solo their Facebook and Instagram accounts, with their data from each maintained in isolation from each other, as opposed to running through Meta’s Accounts Center linkage.

People who have already chosen to connect their Instagram and Facebook accounts will be able to choose either to continue to connect their accounts through our Accounts Center so that their information will be used across their Instagram and Facebook accounts, or to manage their Instagram and Facebook accounts separately so that their information is no longer used across accounts.”

That’ll give EU users more choice as to how their personal information is used, though Meta would, of course, prefer that they maintain that connection, feeding more contextual data into its systems.

Are you happy with the change? Will you be separating your accounts? Or are you happy with them linked?

Need Some Help With Your TikTok Ads?

TikTok has published a new guide on how to optimise your ad campaigns, and specifically your ad bidding strategy, in order to maximise your promotional performance in the app.

The 13-page guide includes helpful pointers on bidding options and strategic approaches, including a range of case study examples, data-backed notes, and more.

You can download the full guide here, but listed below, we’ll briefly take a look at some of the highlights.

First off, the guide provides an overview of how to approach your ad process, and the different bidding options available within TikTok’s system. The guide also includes pointers on how to structure your ad account, in order to maximise performance, which provides some key guidance on common best practices. There are also tips on how and when to update your campaigns, in order to avoid audience fatigue, and the shifts that can occur within the learning phase, while there are also pointers on bidding strategies and when they’re most effective.

If you’re looking to make TikTok ads a bigger focus this year, it’s worth checking out, even if you’re confident that you have a good handle on your approach. Because there are always some interesting tips to consider in these official guides. And maybe, they could change your thinking, and help improve your performance.

You can download TikTok’s full “Web Auction Best Practices Guide” here.



Instagram Introduce ‘Nighttime Nudges’

Building on its latest round of teen safety features, Instagram has announced new nighttime nudges, which will prompt users to turn their phone off when they’re using it late at night. Who needs this?? 🙋🏻‍♂️

Sleep is important, particularly for young people, so we’re launching new nighttime nudges that will show up when teens have spent more than 10 minutes on Instagram in places like Reels or Direct Messages late at night. They’ll remind teens that it’s late, and encourage them to close the app.”

As you can see in the below example, the messaging is pretty basic, essentially the digital equivalent of a parent knocking on your bedroom door and telling you to shut it down for the night.



Which all parents of teens have had to do at some stage. Mobile addiction is real, and no matter how hard you try, at some point, your child is going to sneak their phone into their room, in order to keep messaging that one friend.

As such, this could be helpful, though I imagine that most kids will just ignore it and continue on.

So it’s no substitute for the old “I will take that thing from you if you can’t control yourself”, but it’s another element in Instagram’s broader teen safety and regulation push.

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