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Social media is forever changing which makes it easy to miss an update from time to time. Twice a month, we look into three of the latest key updates from the past few weeks from the various social media giants. Here’s what’s been happening recently…

Threads Reaches 100 Million Members in Record Time

As expected, Meta’s new Threads app has now become the fastest-growing app of all time.

The much anticipated Twitter alternative, launched last week and quickly rushed to 30 million sign-ups within 24 hours of release. It then rose to 50 million just hours later, then 70 million within less than two days.

And now (taken from Monday), Threads has crossed the 100 million sign-up marker, making it the quickest app to 100 million members.


Threads’ rapid growth beats ChatGPT to take the fastest-growing app title, with the ChatGPT app reaching 100 million users in two months earlier this year. So it’s beat it by quite a comfortable margin – though Meta’s, of course, using the network effects of Instagram to boost Threads sign-ups.

It’s also worth noting that ‘sign-ups’ and ‘active users’ are two different measurements. And while Threads has succeeded in getting millions of people to create an account, we don’t have any insight into how engaged they are as yet, and how much time they’re spending in the app. It’s highly likely a large proportion of users haven’t touched the app since.

Have you downloaded Threads? Let us know your experience of the app!…

Snapchat+ Reaches 4 Million Subscribers a Year After Launch

While Twitter struggles to sell users on the value of Twitter Blue, and Meta expands its subscription offering to more regions, it’s Snapchat that’s actually seeing the most success in the new wave of social subscriptions, with its Snapchat+ option now up to four million paying subscribers, a year after its initial launch.

Snapchat+ – which notably doesn’t include a verification checkmark (though it does include a Snapchat+ badge) – offers a range of exclusive add-on features for your Snapchat presence for £2.99 per month.


Those add-ons include:

  • Access to exclusive Snapchat icons
  • Improved data insights on your usage and engagement
  • Priority Story replies
  • Custom post view emojis
  • The option to freeze your Snap Streaks
  • AI-generated profile backgrounds

Given the utility that Snap provides for its 750 million monthly active users, these add-ons are of significant value, because they enhance the in-app experience, with customisable elements that align with usage.

Which is why Snapchat+ has seen relatively good take up – though it is also worth noting that four million is only a tiny fraction of Snap’s overall audience. Are you a Snapchat+ user? Is it worth the £3 a month or do you think social media subscriptions will quickly be a thing of the past soon? Let us know!…

Meta’s Experimenting with its Own In-Facebook App Store

According to a new report from The Verge, Meta’s experimenting with its own in-Facebook app store, which would enable developers to showcase their apps, and also facilitate direct downloads for users, without them leaving The Social Network.

As explained by The Verge: Meta’s planning to let people in the EU directly download apps through Facebook ads, setting the company up to eventually compete with Google and Apple’s app stores. The new type of ad is set to start as a pilot with a handful of Android app developers as soon as later this year.”

The move, which as The Verge notes, would apply to European users and developers only, comes in response to the incoming EU Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will require Google and Apple to open up their respective mobile platforms to alternative methods of downloading apps.

That could open the door for Meta to take more control over app distribution, and potentially in-app payments as well, eliminating the current restrictions and taxes that the two tech giants place on Android and iOS interactions.

Meta has long criticised Apple’s approach, in particular, on this front – so will we soon be seeing an alternative?

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