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4 Cracking Easter Marketing Campaigns


Happy April yolks! As we welcome in the four-day Easter weekend (yay!), we’ve scowled the internet for four of the best Easter marketing campaigns from previous years to help inspire your content in the build up to Easter. While there are so many clever campaigns, here are some that really cracked it…

Cadburys: How not to eat yours

The 2022 campaign from Cadbury followed their tried and tested tactic of sparking conversation around their annual Easter egg hunt, allowing them to consistently dominate the space with their cult classic product – the Cadbury Creme Egg.

Cadbury’s produced limited edition half-white and half-milk chocolate creme eggs, which if found were worth up to £10k. However, only if you could resist eating it! (I mean, imagine eating one without knowing you were consuming a fortune?!)

The campaign involved two short films, each of which showed a lucky customer trying to hold off eating the rare winning eggs, viewers were left wondering if they managed to resist.

Talk about a cracking success!

Carlsberg, If Carlsberg did Chocolate bars

A bar, made of chocolate — I mean, say no more. In a throwback to 2016, Carlsberg unwrapped a fully-functioning, fully-edible, three-metre-deep pop-up bar in Shoreditch, London, ahead of Easter bank holiday weekend.

The ‘If Carlsberg Did a Chocolate Bar’ was part of the #IfCarlsbergDid campaign for Easter.

According to the senior brand manager of Carlsberg UK Dharmesh Rana, Easter was the ‘big beer-drinking season for its consumers, and the company just raised the ‘bar’ by creating an out-of-this-world chocolate bar stunt.

This idea was ridiculously unique, serving Carlsberg beer in a chocolate glass. Chocolate?


Marmite’s love-it-or-hate-it chocolate Easter Egg

What’s the last thing you think of when the words Easter Egg are mentioned? Well, Marmite has got to be up there! Marmite was already an ambiguous brand, consumers either love it or hate it, and there is no in-between. The Marmite Flavour Chocolate Egg is certainly a controversial one, and even if people are not ready for something like this, the brand urges us to try it and fair play to them! Would you eat a Marmite Easter egg?

Hunt the Double Yolker With HARIBO

Eggs with two yolks are considered lucky as they are meant to bring good fortune, which is quite fitting given the hunt for the Double Yolker in limited edition packets of HARIBO Starmix back in 2019. The idea behind the campaign was for customers to keep their eyes peeled and have the chance to win a UK family holiday. Genius!


Okay, so we’ve shown you some of the best, but how can you implement similar ideas into your own Easter campaigns? Check out our 2022 blog, giving you top tips on ways to prepare your socials for the Easter weekend.

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