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Meet the Team – Daisy-Mae Prewett, Social Media Manager


Meet Daisy, our new Social Media Manager and the latest addition to join the South Coast Social team.

Read up below about what her first show was, what celebrities she would invite to a dinner party and what it means to her to join SCS, as she settles into life as our newest member of the team.

Daisy-Mae Prewett – Social Media Manager


Go to takeaway? Pizza, all day everyday!
Favourite band/artist? Oooh this is a hard one! I’m a pop girl so let’s go with Taylor swift. I loooooved Busted when I was younger too (and still do) #FanGirl!
Do you have any pets? 2 cats, Zeke & Zazu – they are honestly the cutest.
What was the first gig/show you went to? Atomic Kitten at the BIC when I was about 8 with my mum.
Three famous people you’d invite to a dinner party and why? Absolutely Taylor Swift because she’s such an icon of this generation, plus I love her. David Attenborough – how cool would it be to hear that voice in person?! If we can bring back people, I think Marilyn Monroe would be an epic dinner party guest, if we can’t then I’d choose Lana Del Rey. She’s a vibe.
Dream holiday destination and best place you’ve visited? My dream is to go to Hawaii and my favourite ever holiday HAS to be when we went on Safari in Kenya – nothing will ever beat that.
What are you currently reading/what series are you currently watching? I’m currently reading ‘Good Vibes, Good Life’ by Vex King which is a positive mental wellness book. I’m also re-watching the series ‘Criminal Minds’ from the beginning. True crime is a favourite genre of mine.
Favourite social media accounts/bloggers? I think Oatly, Innocent Smoothies & Aldi are hilarious! Their marketing teams need a pay raise! I also have always liked Vans, they have a really good brand personality and their stuff is super retro and fun.
If you weren’t a Social Media Manager, what would you be? Definitely something creative still. Anything that involves a camera or creating something epic with my iPad.
Tell us a random fact about you that few people know? I was born on the 28th day of the month and I have 28 letters in my name.
How do you feel about joining South Coast Social? SUPER EXCITED! I’m looking forward to making new friends, working in an office environment, learning new skills and being creative with social media. Thank you all so much for your warm welcome
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