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Reactive Social Media Marketing and 3 Recent Top Examples


The rise of social media has been a global phenomenon, so far reaching that no industry has been untouched by its stronghold. Under the rule of social media, digital and content marketing have undergone numerous changes and adaptations in order to remain effective. The most notable addition is that of reactive marketing; but what exactly is it?

What is Reactive Marketing?

Today, most brands are executing some form of social media campaign as part of their digital marketing strategy. Creating digital communications and stories in-house, and distributing them directly to consumers isn’t novel, content marketing has been around for some time.

However, now that brands have the ability to communicate instantly and at the push of a button, it’s created a new opportunity to insert themselves into discussions and ‘hype-circles’ online. By becoming part of natural narratives, brands make themselves not only recognisable, but relatable too.

This is reactive marketing – the practice of tailoring your content to the conversation topics of the day, hour or even minute and reacting to whatever the big story is at the time.

The topics for reactive marketing are easy to find, thanks to hashtags it’s easy for users to find content relating to a specific topic; and with ‘trending topics’ (words, phrases or hashtags that are being mentioned the most) any brand or person knows where the action is at any given time and can get involved with the conversation. And we can always rely on social media to bring us some light-hearted humour to any given news trend!

Here are three brilliant examples that recently broke the internet and can give you inspiration in the future:


Aldi and Marks and Spencer poke fun at each other on Twitter


One of the most recent examples of reactive marketing is that of the Colin Vs Cuthbert cake stand-off. Aldi has made fun of Marks and Spencer’s legal challenge to its caterpillar cake on social media.

Recently it was revealed that retailer M&S is taking the discount supermarket chain to the High Court over its popular dessert.

In the claim, M&S, which makes the well-known Colin the Caterpillar cake, says Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake infringes its trademark.

Well this was too good to ignore for brands on social media to get involved with a ‘meme-off’…


Whose team are you on? Team Colin or team Cuthbert?

Dulux makes a dogs dinner of Spurs sponsorship announcement

Cover your eyes Tottenham fans! Last week’s unveiling of Dulux as the first official paint supplier to Tottenham Hotspur FC degenerated into farce after the brand’s Twitter account started ridiculing the team.


The brand had to make a humiliating public apology to the club after its Twitter account acidly observed that the Dulux dog would be better in defence than the current line-up and posted a mock-up of Spurs’ empty trophy cabinet. Of course social media users and brands perked up, having a lot of fun with this one

Weetabix ‘wins Twitter’ by starting hilarious multi-brand chat online over Heinz beans breakfast picture


Twitter went into meltdown after breakfast cereal Weetabix suggested serving ‘Heinz Beanz on bix for breakfast with a twist’, leading to multiple brands getting involved on Twitter.

Weetabix posted a picture on Twitter suggesting Heinz beans and a Weetabix biscuit as a breakfast option, and the replies were varied and hilarious.

Posting on Twitter, the Weetabix team said: “Why should bread have all the fun, when there’s Weetabix? Serving up
@HeinzUK Beanz on bix for breakfast with a twist. #ItHasToBeHeinz #HaveYouHadYourWeetabix”

Replies to this were varied, including disgust at the idea as well as funny remarks from followers.

Other brands then started replying, with Scottish brewers BrewDog posting: “How long before BrewDog release a bean flavoured wheat beer” Heinz replied: “we dare you”

Yorkshire Tea wrote: “Hello Police? There’s been a murder…” To which Warburtons replied: “If you need a witness statement please let us know.”

Adobe UK waded in with: “Stunned. Felt sure it was a @photoshop job…”

Innocent Drinks, known for their quirky social media added: “Even we wouldn’t do this, we’re not monsters.”

The list of brilliant responses goes on but we absolutely loved watching this unfold. While these are just a couple of recent examples, always consider joining the conversation and most importantly – have fun with it!