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Social Media Trends to Watch Out For in 2022


How is it nearly 2022 already?! It’s that time again, where Social media managers everywhere are preparing their strategies and keeping an eye on what social media trends are going to change the game in 2022.

Is TikTok finally going to overtake Instagram? Is organic engagement any better? Where should we focus our attention from the new year? Here are 5 social media trends we expect to take shape from 2022…

TikTok to become the world’s most popular social media platform?

TikTok has consistently been the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide and has since surpassed 1 billion downloads. That made it the 7th most popular social network in the world. If you exclude messaging networks, TikTok is now the 4th most popular social media network after Instagram.

The platform is based on a highly personalised content proposal system that helps brands gain exposure and connect with the right audience. In addition, it is about to introduce e-commerce and monetisation models. Now is certainly a good time to try and get to grips with the platform to see if it’s right for your business.

Social media emerges as a shopping platform

In 2020, Instagram launched the Shopping tab as a way for its users to explore new products. Facebook pushes retailers to use its built-in storefront and has simplified the process for uploading products and Pinterest uses buyable pins to promote items for sale. Live shopping could be a key commerce trend we’re expecting to see an increase in 2022 as Instagram and Facebook have their own live streaming features catering to both shoppers and retailers, allowing brands to link directly to the products they’re talking about.


Influencer marketing continues to rise

Influencer marketing has officially shifted from an experimental tactic to a foundational component of any viable social media strategy, and rightfully so. Influencer marketing helps build trust and community, and this trust goes a long way. Influencer marketing is up to 70% more effective than traditional social media marketing.

It seems all eyes are on creators in 2022. Beyond traditional influencers who amass large audiences and market to them on behalf of brands, a creator produces content on behalf of brands that addresses a specific need or target audience.

Creators are influencers in their own right, and they’re in high-demand after this year’s creator economy boom. They’ve been integral to helping businesses fill the gap when it comes to entertaining and relatable social content, especially on emerging platforms like TikTok.

Consider influencer marketing to help you expand your existing content strategy.

More spend, less Tracking

Marketers in the U.S. have reportedly spent upwards of $50 billion on social media advertising this year, and that metric is only expected to increase for 2022. Paid social media is critical component of a strong strategy in order to break beyond the algorithmic limitations on organic content visibility, and this isn’t new.

What is new, is that the consumer privacy landscape is changing. With the introduction of Apple’s iOS 14 advertising changes, which allow users to block the tracking of their online activity, paired with Google’s elimination of third-party cookie tracking, marketers have less data available to them, which makes it harder to track the results of social media ads. This is a win for consumer privacy, and a loss for marketing efficiency.

With this said, we can expect to see brands and businesses experimenting with enhanced creative and new social media advertising platforms. Expect to see ads looking less like ads and more like regular content. With new ad formats and spending options, like Instagram Reels ads, Branded Content, and the rollout of ads on TikTok, successful ads will likely mirror successful organic content.

Increased augmented reality options

According to Social Media Today, searches for the keyword “social media AR” are up by 81% over the past 5 years. While some services have integrated augmented reality into their products – including Instagram, others have yet to explore what it has to offer.

Over the next year, we are predicting that augmented reality is set to become more mainstream. Users can already create their own filters on Instagram which is great for brands. If you aren’t clued up on the potential of augmented reality, now is the time to get learning.

Get planning

With 2022 quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to reflect on your current social media journey.

From short-form vertical video content to social media advertising, consider these social media trends for 2022, and activate the ones that make most sense for your personal brand or business. Why not consider hiring a social media agency to stay on top of this for you?