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We can all be a little bit hooked to social media at times, probably more than we like to admit. But while too much use can come with its downfalls, social media can also be packed with lots of inspiration as well as entertainment, especially if you know where to look. There are thousands of brilliant accounts all over the various social platforms that raise awareness for good causes, entertain us with memes and jokes and even introduce us to our next favourite singer or brand.

With that said, you might wonder where our team at South Coast Social get our inspiration from and who we all enjoy following. Here are the SCS teams favourite three social media accounts and why we love following them.

Clare – Managing Director

Account 1: Humans of New York
Instagram handle: @humansofny
How many followers: 11m Instagram, 17m Facebook
Why you love following them: 
I’ve always absolutely loved following Brandon’s journey as he documented first of all people he met on the streets around New York, then took his journey around the world. It’s testament to ‘everyone has a story’ and this huge account is a movement in its own right, telling them in a beautiful, moving and often funny way.
Account 2: Henry Tudor
Twitter handle: @KngHnryV111
How many followers: 78k
Why you love following them: ‘Gluttony! Glory! Gout!’ I don’t know the ‘face’ behind this parody account for King Henry VIII, but it’s absolute genius. From offering political commentary on current affairs to ‘feuding’ with the similar account for King Richard III, it provides a welcome relief on my Twitter feed!
Account 3: Danae Mercer
Instagram handle: @danaemercer
How many followers: 2.2m
Why you love following them: Danae is an absolute blast of body positivity – it should be compulsory to follow her! This ex editor of Women’s Health showcases why you should love yourself and documents her journey of how to be powerful and confident in your own skin.

Alice – Social Media Manager

Account 1: Marks & Spencer
Instagram handle: @marksandspencer
TikTok handle: @mandsfood
How many followers: 1.6 million Instagram, 36.7k TikTok
Why you love following them: From a brand perspective, Marks and Spencer are KILLING it right now! They are using popular sounds on TikTok combined with everyone’s favourite Percy Pig sweets to create fun, sharable content that align with current trends and memes. They’re definitely making me smile during lockdown!
Account 2: The Insecure Girls’ Club
Instagram handle: @theinsecuregirlsclub
How many followers: 73.8k
Why you love following them: A safe space for women to share their insecurities and use that for their own empowerment, I love what The Insecure Girls’ Club are doing to promote their positive self-love message using quotes, resources and stories from others.
Account 3: Love Of Huns
Instagram handle: @loveofhuns
Twitter handle: @loveofhuns
How many followers: 337k Instagram, 17.6k Twitter
Why you love following them: If you love past and present UK pop culture (think iconic reality TV moments and early 2000s fashion) you need to follow Love of Huns! Their light-hearted, relatable posts mean I definitely visit their profile when I’m in need of a laugh!

Amy – Head of New Business

Account 1: JDRF UK
Instagram handle: @jdrf_uk
How many followers: 15k
Why you love following them: Close to my heart! A charity that supports people diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes
Account 2: Maddie Bruce
Instagram handle: @maddie_bruce
How many followers: 88.7k
Why you love following them: An honest representation of struggles with mental health issues whilst also looking FAF
Account 3: Classical Art Memes Official
Instagram handle: @classical_art_memes_official
How many followers: 870k
Why you love following them: Hilarious memes

Rich – Marketing Manager

Account 1: Marcus Rashford MBE
Instagram handle: @marcusrashford
Twitter handle: @marcusrashford
How many followers: 9.3million on Instagram and 3.9million on Twitter
Why you love following them: It’s quite ironic really that I’m featuring a Manchester United footballer when I’m a Liverpool fan, but it’s been an inspiration watching Marcus Rashford utilise his social media powers to bring children in need free meals during the previous lockdowns and school holidays over the last few months. Originally, the government decided not to make funds available for this but Marcus contacted every local MP in the country on Twitter, and managed to create a snowball affect of each city to individually invest in the cause and make the government U-turn.
Account 2: Power of Positivity
Instagram handle: @powerofpositivity
How many followers: 6 million
Why you love following them: Love this account! It’s easy to get sucked into the negatives of social media at times and compare yourself to others and their showreels, so it’s important to look after your mental health and create a newsfeed of positivity. This account shares lots of quotes, wisdom and relatable articles that definitely lifts your mood and reminds you that you’re not the only one feeling a certain way at times.
Account 3: Dad Jokes By Pubity
Instagram handle: @dadsaysjokes
How many followers: 2 million
Why you love following them: So simple but yet so affective! Every day, this account shares the worst jokes ever (which makes them the best jokes ever!) and it’s hilarious. It’s quite easy to find yourself spending hours scrolling through their thousands of jokes and forwarding them on to family and friends for a giggle. Definitely worth a follow!

Emma – Social Media Manager

Account 1: Jay Shetty
Instagram handle: @jayshetty
How many followers: 7.4 million
Why you love following them: Jay has a brilliant account that helps to promote harnessing the power of positivity and find happiness in the now. His accompanying podcast is incredible too!
Account 2: Rachel Howard – Strength Beyond the Surface
Instagram handle: @strength.beyond.the.surface
How many followers: 364
Why you love following them: Rachel is a local PT and Coach who promotes focusing on how you feel, not the way you look. I’ve really been enjoying her lockdown workouts too!
Account 3: Take A Moment 2020
Instagram handle: @takeamoment4mind
How many followers:14k
Why you love following them: A stunning virtual exhibition of portraits taken by Ray Burmiston in aid of Mind Charity that also features contributors

Holly – Junior Social Media Manager

Account 1: Intro Travel
Instagram handle: @introtravel
Twitter handle: @IntroTravel
How many followers: 27.2K
Why you love following them:On top of the beautiful pictures and inspiring travel inspo, Intro Travel have a mission to make a difference through their “small change” initiative. This involves travelling responsibly, doing what they can for the environment, and supporting local towns and businesses in their travel packages.
Account 2: Cindy Chen Designs
Instagram handle: @cindychendesigns
TikTok handle: @cindychendesigns
How many followers: 79.6K
Why you love following them: About as close to art as make-up can get! I’m not usually one to follow beauty accounts, but watching cindy’s creations come to life is mesmerising.
Account 3: The little fenland eco shop
Instagram handle: @thelittlefenlandecoshop
How many followers: 885
Why you love following them: This one is a little closer to home, as a sustainable brand based in my hometown. They offer great sustainability tips and products, and I’m always learning something new!

Christina – Head of Social Strategy

Account 1: Chessie King
Instagram handle: @chessiekingg
How many followers: 819k
Why you love following them: Chessie shares a very honest insight into everything, from body confidence and fitness, to friendships and struggles with her skin. She’s amazing at reminding all her followers that someone’s social media presence is a very filtered version of their life.
Account 2: Moon Omens
Instagram handle: @moonomens
How many followers: 3.2 million
Why you love following them: Daily insights and quotes – if you’re ever having a bad day, these posts really help you put things into perspective. I know everyone says this, but they’re weirdly accurate sometimes!
Account 3: Map of Italy
Instagram handle: @Map_of_italy
How many followers: 562k
Why you love following them: Everyone needs escapism – and there’s nowhere I’d rather escape to than Italy. I scroll through this feed every evening and it makes me look forward to planning future trips. Nothing like looking at beautiful views and wine to make you forget about your stresses!