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Our Guide To Choosing Your Content Pillars


Posting whatever you feel like might have worked back in 2010, but it will get you nowhere fast these days.

The best way to strengthen your content strategy is to come up with 3-5 content topics or pillars that will hook your target audience and keep them coming back for more. But how do you pick them? Here’s which pillars you should pick depending on your social media goals.

Content Pillars For Growth

Post these three types of growth pillars if you’re focused on audience growth or brand awareness.

Practical Value Posts

Provide practical value to your target audience with news, tips, education or reviews. 

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These types of posts should help your audience do what they want to (ie. have flowers that last longer). Make sure you’re targeting a narrow audience and don’t just target “plant lovers”, instead try targeting “Plant Lovers In Dorset”. 

For example, if you’re a Dorset-based floral boutique you could provide guidance on how to keep your plants lasting longer during the Dorset heatwave. 

Social Currency Posts

Social currency posts are tailored to be shareable. Their function is to define who your audience are (or who they want to be) to others. 

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These types of posts can come in the form of:

  • Identity-related memes
  • News/updates about something they care about
  • Post-centred around a cause/belief

For instance, if your audience wants to appear like they’re an insider in their area – they’ll share news and updates on their area ie a post about a new restaurant opening. Horoscopes do extremely well for this one (see above). So have a think about who your audience is and what posts can you centre around that identity.

Emotional Posts

These posts are designed to make your audience feel something. Tap into why your audience why would buy your product or service. Keep asking why until you get to the root of the emotion.

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For instance, if you sell formal clothes you may say it’s because your audience needs clothes, but why do they need formal clothes? And why do they want to look good at work? Because it makes them feel confident and empowered. Then you need to create posts that spark the emotions of confidence and empowerment. 

Some of the most powerful emotions are:

  • Inspire
  • Anger
  • Excite
  • Amuse
  • Spark
  • Anxiety 
  • Awe

Content Pillars For Engagement

Behind The Scenes Posts

Make friends with your audience by letting them get to know your brand and your team. Create posts that take your audience behind the scenes of what you do. This could be hopping on a trend and relating it to your brand. Or if you’re a product-based service, show the process of your product being made.

@duolingo this “legal oversight” is getting out of hand #dualipa #duolingo #letmebefree #owls4dua #comedy #romance ♬ original sound – mediaclipped

Duollingo are really good at this. On their Tiktok, they share their team members and showcase their sense of humour. 

Think about your team’s common passions or interests. Are you all Marvel fans? Make Marvel references in your captions and your videos. Let your audience in on the decision process when it comes to your product or service. 

UGC Posts 

User Generated Content is a delight because your audience creates content for you. 

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Not only does it spotlight the customer and make them feel part of your brand, but it provides social proof to potential customers. If one of your audience has shared a post featuring your product or service, repost and make the post all about them, not the product. If you haven’t had many UGC posts, create a challenge that they can take part in to generate more content. 

Content Pillars to Promote Your Product Or Service

This pillar shouldn’t be used too often. Too many promotional posts will feel spammy to your audience, so we would always recommend one a week maximum. 

Promo Posts 

The best way to promote your product or service is to show your audience what their future looks like if they use your product or service. 

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Tell stories, show images of someone like them using the product/service and use testimonials.

Hopefully, now you should have lots of ideas generating. Start with three pillars to get you started and add one or two more when you’re feeling more confident. Don’t be afraid to mix it up between promotional, reach and engagement posts for a good balance.

Good luck!