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What is BeReal? The New Trending Social Media Platform


Say hello to the next big social media app that is ‘anti-Instagram’ and taking over the phones of Gen Z at the moment… If you have been scrolling through the Internet recently, you may have heard about something called “BeReal.”

Although BeReal is a relatively new social media platform, it has already reached over 10 million daily users – jumping from just 10,000 a little less than a year ago. This app has caught not only the attention of teenagers around the world but also Instagram (surprise surprise).

So what makes this social media app so appealing? Here’s the lowdown on what BeReal is and why you should keep your eye on it.


BeReal is a social media app where users post daily to show their friends what they are doing in real-time. Alexis Barreyat developed it in December 2019 in France. The overall mission of BeReal is to make social media authentic again with many users referring to the app as an anti-Instagram media platform.

How to “BeReal”

You can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. From there, you create an account and prepare to receive a notification. The app sends a notification asking users to “BeReal” at random times during the day. Then users have two minutes to snap a picture of what they are currently doing.

However, you can still post even if you miss the notification. The post will just display how late you were for posting. In order to see what your friends are doing or see the discovery page, you need to post. Aside from showing how late you are to post, the app also displays how many times it took you to retake the photo.

There is no direct messaging available on the app, but users can still interact with their friends. Users can interact with followers through the use of RealMojis. This feature is an emoji with a selfie of that person mimicking the emoji reaction. Also, to encourage people to be more authentic, this app does not have filters or edit buttons.

Instagram’s take on BeReal

Although BeReal is known as the anti-Instagram, Instagram is already taking notes. This of course is not the first time that Instagram has begun to replicate another social media platform, with it consistently replicating features of other social media platforms, particularly that platform beginning with T….

It’s been reported that Instagram is already testing a feature similar to BeReal called “IG Candid.” Similarly to BeReal, it will send Instagram users a notification every day at different times of the day to share what they are doing and give users two minutes to post. Instagram has also introduced a feature with a dual camera, just like BeReal. Maybe it’s time they came up with some new ideas of their own…

What do you think of BeReal?

Are you a new BeRealer or were you one of the initial 10,000 downloaders? Let us know your experiences…

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