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Why Businesses Should Consider Social Media Training


Are you posting on social media but getting little to no engagement? Perhaps you’re worried your social ads aren’t performing as expected or maybe you don’t even know where to start?

A couple of years ago, having a social media presence was often at the bottom of priorities for businesses, but fast forward to 2021, it’s become absolutely vital and can sometimes be the reason why your competitor can gain an edge on you. 

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses – not just for marketing and promotion, but also for reaching potential customers and raising awareness of your brand. More and more businesses are looking to improve their presence on social but they’re not entirely sure how, or it can be a bit overwhleming.

Most of us use some kind of social media in our personal lives, so you’ve already got a basic knowledge of what you engage with as a consumer. Social media training can help you to identify what you already know and sharpen your skills on the things you’re not so confident on.

Here at South Coast Social, we offer bespoke social media training workshops in Bournemouth and London, tailored to you and your brand. Our workshops will provide you with the latest social media tips, tools and tricks. It’s also the perfect opportunity to sit down with a qualified social media professional in a small group and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Training can put you ahead of your competitors too – helping you to think about things like a social media strategy and a posting schedule. These will allow you to communicate directly to your ideal customer and build an engaged social media following – something your competitors might not have!


Prices are set at £250 (plus VAT) for small groups of one to four people. Training as a group means you’re not just getting one person up-to-speed – you’re up-skilling the whole team. After the workshop, anyone with training could jump on and post for the business. It’s also a good way to share the cost with colleagues or friends.

Our unique social media courses include;

  • LinkedIn 101 – Cultivating new business conversations
  • Mastering Instagram – Elevate your business game on Instagram
  • Social Media Masterclass – The need to knows for YOUR industry
  • Mastering Facebook and Instagram Advertising – Cracking the code!

Some of our recent workshop attendees gave the following feedback:

“I found the session really useful & informative, it’s great having someone to point you in the right direction!”

“I do struggle at times but you made it seem much more useable.”

“My LinkedIn profile is looking better than it ever has with some great descriptions of what I do!”

“Fantastic LinkedIn workshop today! Amazing value and I’ve come away with lots of ideas on how to improve our profile online, and how to make the most of the opportunities LinkedIn provides. First hand advice there and then was fantastic, and Emma’s coaching style was spot on for the team. Cannot recommend the course enough!”

No matter where your current understanding is, you’ll come away from our social media training with clear action steps to enhance and improve your online presence.

For more information and to book your workshop, email or call 01202 985022.