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Your 2023 Social Media Holiday Calendar for February


Oh hello February! While it may still feel like the longest and wettest winter EVER, we’re edging closer to those hot summer days! So, what are the national holidays coming up that we can look forward to in what’s the shortest month of the year? Use your social media platforms to inspire your followers, with the following key dates…

February kicks off with National Car Insurance Day  , but how is this a day of celebration we hear you ask? This is a day designed to encourage people to take time out to review their policies, so they can forget about it for the rest of the year! So while it may not be relevant for your socials, we hope this little reminder helps save you some money!

Our cute and spiky friends are celebrated next (2nd) in National Hedgehog Day , followed by a hugely important date in the diary for the year in World Cancer Day (4th). Get involved with some remote fundraising and show your support of this crucial day of awareness, as the world raises funds for cancer research and supports those who are suffering from the disease. 

Working Naked Day falls on 3rd February this year. Let’s hope we’re still able to work from home on this day…  Click to find out where Working Naked Day originated from… 

February, like most months, has its tasty celebratory moments. Here’s a few for your shopping lists to get your tastebuds going: Yorkshire Pudding Day (7th), National Pizza Day  (9th), (watch your typos) Sticky Bun Day (21st), Drink Wine Day   (18th) & Margarita Day  (22nd).

A few more of our favourites are Make A Friend Day   (11th), World Radio Day   (13th), World Thinking Day  (22nd) and who can forget the big one, Valentine’s Day (14th) ❤️… Don’t worry singletons! You’re also celebrated on 15th in Singles Awareness Day.

Whether you’re sharing Valentine’s Day with a partner or you’re more looking forward to drinking wine on 18th, have a happy social media February and enjoy getting creative!

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If you’ve got some exciting content ideas for any of these dates, why not write them down in your diary or add them to your phone calendar?

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Feb 23 Calendar


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