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Social media is forever changing which makes it easy to miss an update from time to time. Twice a month, we look into three of the latest key updates from the past few weeks from the various social media giants. Here’s what’s been happening recently…

Instagram’s Testing a New Generative AI Sticker

Instagram is set to launch one of its first generative AI tools, with a new sticker creation process that will enable users to create visuals in the app based on text prompts.

As you can see in this example, posted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram’s developing a process that would enable users to create custom stickers in-stream, powered by generative AI.


Users would then be able to share those visuals in app, providing another way to engage and create using Instagram’s native tools.

Meta’s made no secret of its intentions on this front, and its ambitions for integrating generative AI into its processes.

As noted by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the company’s most recent earnings update:

“I think there’s an opportunity to introduce AI agents to billions of people in ways that will be useful and meaningful. We’re exploring chat experiences in WhatsApp and Messenger, visual creation tools for posts in Facebook and Instagram and ads, and over time video and multi-modal experiences as well. I expect that these tools will be valuable for everyone from regular people to creators to businesses.”

Are we heading towards an AI digitally led world? It certainly looks that way…

Google Launches Blue Ticks for Verified Brands in Gmail

While Twitter seems intent on undermining the integrity of the blue checkmark as an indicator of trust, Google’s implementing its own blue checkmark system, with Gmail users now set to see new blue ticks appearing next to approved brand profiles in their inbox.

Ever had an email from a company and thought it could be spam? Now every major company will be able to obtain a blue checkmark to ensure they earn recipients trust.


As explained by Google: In 2021, we introduced Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) in Gmail, a feature that requires senders to use strong authentication and verify their brand logo in order to display a brand logo as an avatar in emails. Building upon that feature, users will now see a checkmark icon for senders that have adopted BIMI. This will help users identify messages from legitimate senders versus impersonators.”

So businesses that have adopted Google’s brand verification process, which requires registration of your logo with a VMC, and a higher level of account security, will now get a blue checkmark on Gmail, providing additional assurance for recipients that you are who you claim.

Which is a good update, especially considering the amount of email spam that’s circulating these days. Learn more about the checkmarks, and how to apply, here.

LinkedIn’s Now Up to 930 Million Members as it Continues to See Strong Engagement

While the other social apps continue to reform their core offerings, and re-shape their audience focus, LinkedIn has continued on its own steady path, which has seen it progressively add more members, and boost user engagement.

The professional social network is now up to 930 million total members, up from the 900 million it reported back in January, which is a stark rise in such a short time, with 1 billion users surely not too far away…


As you can see in its updated member map, LinkedIn continues to add more users around the world, with its biggest member gains over the last three months coming in India (+4 million), the US (+3 million) and Brazil (+2 million).

Though it’s important to note here that this is ‘total members’ not ‘active users’, which is the more commonly reported social platform metric. LinkedIn shares data on the total number of people who’ve signed up to the platform, not actives, so we don’t know exactly how many of these people are actually engaging in the app day-to-day. Still, a pretty eye opening statistic!

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