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5 Top Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns


Valentine’s Day isn’t just reserved for romantic couples sharing loving selfies across social media – this is a chance for brands and businesses to create an endless amount of clever social content. With that said, here’s 5 of our favourite Valentine’s marketing campaigns from recent times that captured our hearts and minds…

Cadbury offers escape for singles in India

Cadbury 5 Star, a chocolate bar brand from Mondelez, took a humorous approach to Valentine’s Day this year, highlighting the hurting question for all singles on Valentine’s day: ‘What are you doing on Valentine’s Day?’. The ad film begins by showcasing a V-day scene of all flowery and embarrassing events that happen on the day, and offers an island escape…

Toblerone – Be More Thoughtful

Chocolates are one of the most popular go-to gifts on Valentine’s Day, with around $1.8 billion spent on candy just in the US. Another clever ad from a chocolate brand puts a clever twist on Valentine’s stereotypes, by showing couples giving cringe-worthy and disastrous gifts. We all know that awful feeling of a gifting fail, so the ad is completely relatable. Although the slogan “Be More Thoughtful” comes off sounding a bit preachy, it definitely rings true and inspires us all to do better with our Valentine’s Day gift shopping. How? By buying a Toblerone, of course!

Deliveroo and KFC earns media with ‘Bucket ring’ in Singapore

In 2021, food delivery company Deliveroo partnered with KFC for a Valentine’s Day campaign in Singapore. Called “Will Delive-Roo Be My Valentine”, the campaign let consumers surprise their date with a limited edition KFC bucket ring. The idea was conceptualised by PR agency AKA Asia. Targeting foodies and fans of both Deliveroo and KFC, the consumers will have to pre-order the Valentine’s Day combo a day in advance to have the meal and ring delivered on 14 February. Deliveroo aimed to increase brand love and top-of-mind-awareness for its brand, while heightening awareness of KFC’s offerings on Deliveroo.

KFC Deliveroo Valentine's Day

Fair Trade – Share the Love

According to Fair Trade, around 250 billion roses are produced globally for Valentine’s Day. And cocoa is one of the staple ingredients necessary for the massive uptick in demand for chocolate around the holiday of love. But what about the farmers toiling in less-than-ideal conditions to make sure that our appetite for Valentine’s Day gifting is satisfied? This campaign by Fair Trade shifts the focus in a good way, and offers consumers several ways to “share the love” and support growers of flowers and cocoa in the leadup to the day. We especially liked the virtual valentine and the online noteboard where people can share messages of love and appreciation to Fair Trade flower and cocoa growers. Kudos!

Fair Trade valentine's Day

Manscaped – The Right Gift

We love this! While the product is for men, the commercial is targeted to women who will be the buyers of the ‘Performance Package’. We like the no-holds-barred attitude of the commercial, and the guys play along with all the right cheeky puns and innuendo. The YouTube video description leads straight to the product page, and the special offer appears as a simple banner at the top. Which just goes to show, you don’t necessarily need to invest in purpose-built landing pages and Valentine’s themed design when you’ve got such a tantalising commercial to draw customers in.

Whatever you get up to this Valentine’s Day, we hope these examples provide you with some inspiration to help get creative with your social media campaigns!