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How to Succeed With Your LinkedIn Company Page


If you want more people to follow your LinkedIn company page or you’re wondering how you can improve your LinkedIn content marketing, then this article is for you! Here are a few top tips to maximise your LinkedIn marketing efforts…

What’s Changed on LinkedIn in 2023?

Last year, LinkedIn celebrated its 20th birthday and the social network for business has achieved a lot in those two decades.

  • LinkedIn is the leading social network for B2B, by a long way.
  • Users consistently say that they trust LinkedIn more than any other social platform.
  • 65% of business decision-makers have a LinkedIn profile.
  • LinkedIn has become both a platform and a source for thought leadership in business, especially via its annual reports on the state of B2B.

LinkedIn has seen record revenue over the last couple of years, and it’s continually adding more features to support organic content, boosted posts, and ads.

While plenty of influencers and decision-makers have found fame with their personal profiles, official company pages on LinkedIn are often neglected.

Chances are, your business already has a company page but you don’t update the profile regularly. If this resonates with you, then with a few insider tips and tweaks, you can use your LinkedIn page to grow your audience and create a reputation as a leader in your niche.

LinkedIn Company Pages: First Steps for Small Businesses

Here are four things you can do right now to start developing your LinkedIn page:

  • Update your LinkedIn page with all your latest info – is it about time?
  • Grow your follower count – keep reading for a few ideas as to how.
  • Discover new features. Help LinkedIn help you.
  • Create better content. Learn how to plan and format your content for a greater audience of LinkedIn members.

Update Your LinkedIn Company Page

First things first: head on over to LinkedIn and have a look at your company page closely.

  • Are there any empty sections? LinkedIn will prompt you to fill these company details out.
  • Is any of the information out of date?
  • Is it easy for people to contact you if they want to?
  • Can people find your company website?
  • When did you last share a post? How much engagement did it get?

LinkedIn pages that have all the sections completed get up to 30% more impressions. Pages that are regularly updated and active get 11 times more clicks. Checking that your page is up to date might only take a few minutes but it can make a huge difference to the success of your LinkedIn marketing efforts on the platform.

How You Can Grow Your Company Page Followers

So, how many followers does your LinkedIn page have? It’s probably a lot fewer than the connections on your personal profile. Company pages grow slower but the rewards are worth it. The best ways you can grow your page are usually through invitations, events, and content.

Starting with invitations – LinkedIn gives all pages 250 free invitation credits per page admin per month: so if you have one page admin, then you can invite 250 people to follow you. If you have two admins, then you can invite 500, and so on. Every time one of those invitations is accepted, your credit gets “refunded” to use again.

So invitations can be a powerful tool for growth. You just need the right strategy to maximise them.

  • First, invite only your ideal customers. Use the LinkedIn search filters to track down your dream audience.
  • Next, look for your potential audience. These are people who might not match your ideal buyer persona but they could still become valuable leads.
  • Finally, use your invitations to reach out to other people in your industry or niche.

When you follow this sequence, then you should get back lots of credits to reuse and start growing your followers quickly.

Discover and Utilise New LinkedIn Company Pages Features

Like any other social network, LinkedIn adds new features all the time. Unlike most other social networks, LinkedIn isn’t very proactive about notifying you of those new features.

That’s just one of the reasons why you should regularly review your LinkedIn page. You never know what might have been added that you can capitalise on.

You can also keep up with new releases by joining the official LinkedIn group for page administrators. This LinkedIn group is a great place to find out about updates, ask technical questions, and tell the platform what you think.

Page Notifications

LinkedIn has added a new, subtle feature to both personal profiles and company pages. Have you spotted it yet?

Keep an eye out for the grey bell in the corner of your home page. When you tap it, you’ll have the choice to receive notifications about all posts, top posts, or no posts from that personal linkedIn account or page.


This is a really useful tool. When someone rings the bell, you can guarantee that they’ll get notifications about your content.

There’s also a bit of a hidden bonus. If someone gets notified about one of your posts and reads it right away, then great, you have one reader. But the fact that they engaged with the post early on also sends a signal to the LinkedIn algorithm that this is valuable, important content which should be shown to more people.

Creating Better LinkedIn Content

Content on your personal profile may perform better. That’s just the way LinkedIn works right now. But your company page on LinkedIn still needs content, too.

A lot of content from business pages gets ignored because it’s dry, irrelevant, and above all, focused on the company instead of on the audience.

Try and stand out by writing posts that put your audience first. When you create content that’s all about your audience – offering them ideas, understanding, and value they can’t get anywhere else – then you become an important industry source and the go-to within your niche. Your posts might not go viral but people will come looking for content on your page when they need information or insight.

Bear the following 3 steps in mind every time you create tour content:

Good to know posts – In these posts, you’ll share industry knowledge, trends, and news. You can share posts to other links and videos in these posts so they won’t take too much time to make. You’re a curator as well as a creator!

Good to buy posts – Yes, lead nurturing takes time and tact. But don’t forget to actually tell people what you’re selling! Once you’ve done a good job of showing your expertise and connecting with viewers, show them exactly how your business can make their lives better.

Good to feel posts – These are posts that help people get to know, like, or trust you. You’ll share content about things like your company values, purpose, charitable activities, office culture, and employee stories. The most engaging content on any business page is photos of employees.

All of these posts can take a range of formats: photos, quick text posts, longer articles, videos, and more.

However, the most valuable content formats on LinkedIn are Live Events and Newsletters.

The secret to growing a LinkedIn page is to stay up to date, share valuable content, and make the most of all of those new features and hidden benefits to reach more followers. It will take time to build your audience but your business will feel the benefits.

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