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Social Media Platforms & eCommerce


When trying to sell products or services online, it can become very complex and time consuming which can lead to a struggle in generating sales, especially on your own. So, how do you do it? By using social media platforms, you can help encourage business growth, as well as boost sales. In this blog, we look into how you can utilise your social media to maximise your eCommerce sales.



When users of Facebook think of Marketplace, they usually think of second-hand items that are being sold by average households; however, according to Facebook, Marketplace can be used by businesses to sell their products. In fact, businesses can use Marketplace to…


By using adverts, you can promote your business to tailored audiences. This will increase website traffic, brand awareness and possible sales. Generic adverts are slightly different to the Marketplace ones – they’re displayed on a user’s news feed (home page) rather than just on Marketplace. There are many different types of adverts, which all have different purposes. Understanding everything about adverts can be difficult alone so it might be worth investing some money and time into a social media marketing specialist such as ourselves. With a variety of experience and knowledge, we can help tailor the adverts to suit your business’ needs and goals. 


Shop Tab

Pinterest is notorious for influencing people’s shopping habits. By displaying easily accessible product/service links, as well as dedicating a whole page to shopping, it is incredibly easy to splash some cash on products or services that have caught your eye. By appearing on the Pinterest shopping page, there is no doubt that you’ll get increased brand awareness, possible sales and may be even pinned to mood boards, where more potential customers can view your business. 

To learn how to create a shop on Pinterest, click here to get more information.

Similar Products

If a person can’t find what they’re looking for then Pinterest will provide the user with similar products. This could be your company’s moment! By having your product or service on Pinterest, you could possibly gain an extra sale by appearing in the similar product section, especially if the potential customer is in dire need of the product or service.


Instagram Shopping

According to Instagram, ​​Instagram Shopping is a set of features that allow people to easily shop your brand’s photos and videos all across Instagram. 

The “your shop” feature allows the business to create a shop where they sell and share the brand story, which is where users can browse products and explore “collections”. “Collections” let you customise your shop by curating products into themes, such as new arrivals, gifts, seasonal trends and more. Product detail pages (aka PDPs) provide all relevant info on items from your product catalogue, such as pricing and descriptions. They also pull in content where the product is tagged on Instagram and drive people to your website to complete a transaction. 

By having an Instagram shop, businesses can sell and promote their products.

Product Tags

Product tags let you highlight items from your catalogue directly in your images and videos, so people can easily tap and learn more. You can increase the reach of your shopping posts by using ads with product tags. You can set them up in Ads Manager or boost existing shoppable posts within Instagram.

Shopping Tab

Similarly to Pinterest, Instagram has a “Shop tab”. By appearing on the Instagram shopping tab, there is no doubt that you’ll get increased brand awareness and even possible sales. The shopping tab on Instagram’s home screen is a destination for people to discover new brands, products and editor’s picks, personalised to them. 



TikTok is all about video sharing. If you have a great business video, promoting it is the way to go! You can tailor your boosted post to a specific audience, meaning you’ll reach the target audience your business is designed for. You can also select the purpose of the ad. Whether you want extra views for brand awareness or website conversions (resulting in possible sales), TikTok promotion is perfect for any business with good business videos. 


All of the social media platforms are brilliant at advertising and promoting ecommerce businesses in different ways. However, as we said before, it can be difficult to do social media marketing alone. ​​To generate strong results can be complex and hard to get right. Our social media advertising services are proven to accelerate growth, capture the attention of your target audience and get exceptional results.

If you’d like more information about our social media marketing – get in touch with one of our social media specialists!