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Your 2024 Social Media Holiday Calendar for January

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2023 will be known for a number of ups and downs, but as we prepare to leave it behind with the new year approaching, what are the national holidays coming up that we can look forward to in January? In a month usually filled with bad weather, short days and a little extra weight from all the festive delicacies, this month is packed full of fun (and tasty) days to get involved with. Use your social media platforms to inspire your followers and kick off the new year in style, with the following key dates…

While most of us want to shut ourselves away on New Year’s Day to nurse the hangovers from the night before, Tuesday 2nd January brings World Introvert Day; a day that serves as an opportunity for people around the world to better understand and appreciate introverts. An introvert is best defined as someone who focuses on internal feelings rather than external sources of stimulation and will be celebrated globally on Tuesday

After all the festive food prep over the last few days, the last thing you want to do in the first week of January is stress over what to have for dinner. Well good thing we’ve got you covered, as National Spaghetti Day is here! Tuck into a good ol’ spag-bol (4th), cuddle up to a pet or a loved one for Cuddle Up Day ❤️ (6th) and then run yourself a much deserved Bubble Bath on Friday, for Bubble Bath Day (8th). Don’t forget to order yourself a rubber duck in time for Rubber Ducky Day! (13th)

New year, new me! January brings plenty of opportunities to shake up our lifestyles for the better, including events and challenges such as Dry January and Veganuary. It’s also a good time to try and make changes to your home and work life. Use this month to implement changes in your life to bring you a happier and healthier you for 2023.

Monday 15th January is renowned for being ‘Blue Monday‘, the day that’s dubbed ‘the saddest day of the year’, but why not to do something to turn it on its head? Donate to a charity, run a competition on your socials or do something for a good cause and turn Blue Monday into a good Monday!

While Christmas time brings plenty for your tastebuds to celebrate, January is no different with National Popcorn Day (19th), National Pie Day (23rd), National Peanut Butter Day (24th) and Chocolate Cake Day (27th). Maybe the diet can wait for February?…

Whatever changes you decide to make this year, there’s plenty to keep your social media busy with as we welcome in 2024. Happy New Year!


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